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Looney Antics

Episode 4

Before heading back to their headquarters, Bugs suggested they should split up in three groups of two and try to win the approval of the citizens. So they did with Wile E. and Taz in one group, Bugs and Daffy in another and Lola and Road Runner in the last one.

As Wile E. and Taz roamed around the city, they heard a cry for help. They saw a little girl sobbing and rushed to her aid.

Whats the matter, little girl? asked Wile E.

Ms. Muffin is stuck in a tree and wont come down, cried the little girl.

The two glanced up at the tree, seeing a white cat perched on a branch, meowing at them. Wile E. patted the little girls shoulder.

There, there, he said. Itll be all right. Well get her down for you.

Really? You will?

You just leave it to us. He turned to Taz. Mind giving me a boost?

Weoiuadfjdjdf? asked Taz. Qoudfjlkjgou?

Its wood, Taz; my powers dont work on wood.

The Tasmanian devil got into position and hoisted the coyote up the branch. The cat took a few steps back with her back arched up and hissing at Wile E.

Its okay, Ms. Muffin, he said to the cat. I wont hurt you.

As he inched closer to the cat, Ms. Muffin sprang into action and leapt at the coyotes face. Wile E. tried to get the cat off his face while she scratched him and fell off the branch. He laid flat on his back, gazing up at Taz and the little girl.

Did I get the cat? asked Wile E.

No, said the little girl. Ms. Muffin is still stuck in the tree.

Okay, Taz. Its your turn but try not to eat the cat.

Taz spun himself into a furry twister and grinded the tree. After he was done, the Tasmanian devil reached into his mouth and pulled out a soaking wet Ms. Muffin. The little girl squealed with glee as she wrapped her arms around the drenched cat.

Im so glad they got you down from that tree, Ms. Muffin, said the little girl. Thank you so much.

It was our pleasure, said Wile E.

And Ms. Muffin would like to thank you for rescuing her.

The white cat jumped out of her arms and clawed their faces. With Ms. Muffin back in her arms, the little girl skipped happily toward her home.

Soudfpouwer, said Taz.

I agree, said Wile E. You shouldve eaten the cat.

- - -

Bugs and Daffy were at the streets of Looney City, watching out for any opportunity to improve their reputation. So far, none came until the rabbit spotted Granny standing at a street corner.

Dats how well get our reputation back, said Bugs.

Where? asked Daffy.

Over dere. Bugs pointed at Granny.

Granny? Howsth that old battle-axth gonna help usth?

Im gonna help her cross da street.

Really? Shouldnt we focusth more on bigger and more important thingsth than hel...

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