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Disclaimer: Does not own WITCH, does own Skyshade.


Hope this is up to the standard G&G set. One shot story. R&R please people.


[Cornelia's Flat]

A week had passed since the defeat of Phobos once again, and Cornelia was lounging around in her room. It had been quite a dull week, but gladly Halloween was only another week away, and that would be quite fun. Halloween symbolised the third anniversary of becoming a Guardian, she couldn't do it any more. Halloween was a happy event for her, but the secret reason for it being so important ate away from the inside, she knew that she had only recently keep their secret safe but she had only done so because she didn't want the others to have their secret revealed as well. Sighing and grabbing her mobile, and laying back on her bed she dialled Will's number.

[Will's Flat]

Searching inside the mess of her room for the ringing house phone. She couldn't find it, she knew she had left the phone in here but for some reason she couldn't find not even by following the ringing, it seemed distant. Then the ringing stopped. A few seconds later their was a knock at her bedroom door. Will it's Cornelia. Susan said poking her head through the door. Hey you went in my room again. Will said as she took the phone of her mother. And I will until you learn to put the phone back on the receiver. Susan said closing the door behind her.

Hey Cornelia.
Hey Will, can you come over.

Because I want to talk in person.

OK OK I'll be over in a few minute.
Thanks Will.

I just have to get ready, see you soon.

After the brief conversation both girls hung up, and Will tossed her phone into the mess of her room, before quickly getting into some clothes more suitable to going out. Walking out of her room she shouted out to her mum. Hey mum I'm going out. heading for the door. Wait. Susan shouted. Will froze, Go back to your room and put the phone back first. Susan said, and Will huffed before doing as she was told, before rushing out to go to Cornelia's.

[The Silver Dragon, Later that Evening]

The Guardians sat at one of the corner tables, eating and chatting aimlessly, Cornelia and Will had asked the other to come but hadn't really told them why yet. Cornelia did so. YOU WANT TO WHAT. Taranee said in one of those hushed voice that sounded like shouting to those sitting directly next to her. Funny one Corny for a moment I thought you were serious. Irma said laughing. I'm being serious. I don't want to rely on the Breath if I don't need to, and we won't be able to keep it secret for ever so why not now. Cornelia said. Will you agree with this? Hay Lin asked the keeper of the heart. Why not, Matt knows. Will said using her fork to pick up some of her food and eat it. way, they'd flip, and try and stop us. Taranee continued to argue with the idea.

Please guys I ...

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