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A/N: I'm not sure what happened, but the summer flew by without me so much as considering the progression of this story. To be perfectly honest I got lazy and forgot about it. BUT I finally got off (or on, depending on your POV) my lazy rear and at polished off the long-awaited chapter 5: Silver Comet Part II. I regret to inform you (not really) that there will, in fact, be a part III to this "chapter". Part of me said, "Oh the hell with it, just wrap it up now!" but the other part of me (the louder part, mind you) said, "No! This is a perfect cliffy! You love cliffies! Sure, your readers will hate your guts for all of eternity, but it's a price you're willing to pay, right?". Needless to say I went with the louder voice and finished the chapter in a rather inconvenient place (inconvenient by the reader's perspective, not mine. Frankly, it's very convenient for me, because it gives me an excuse to lope around while writing the succeeding chapter. Person: NO! Don't tell them our Author Secrets!!! Me: Oh like the fact that suspense is just a cover for being lazy wasn't obvious enough on its own! Anyone with a technical way of thinking would see that!). Sad, but oh so true. For me at least. There are merciful authors out there. I'm just not one of them. I rather get a kick out of screwing with my readers. It puts a twist on my writing. ENJOY! ...or don't... See if I care. _O

Disclaimer: I do not own Danny PhantomY, or any of the characters, settings, or ideas associated with it.


Chapter V: Silver Comet Part II certainly werent here before.

Tucker froze, eyes bulging as his focus wavered on one of the locker bays outside the door. His senses seized up momentarily before he dared to crane his neck around, and lay eyes on the ghost. They almost popped out of his head.

She was youngpractically his age. Whats more, she was very pretty and reminded him of someone he knew...

Lustrous chartreuse eyes bore down on him, framed by thick bleached lashes and lightly-tanned skin. Equally bleached white hair spilled around her face. She stood with her hands poised threateningly on either of her hips. Her full amaranth lips pulled into a sharp grimace. How did you? She was cut off when Tucker leapt to his feet and boldly introduced himself, Hi there! Names Foley. Tucker Foley. Thats T.F., as in too fine. He stole one glance up and down her form and flashed the double handgun and a wink.

The ghost stared at him for a moment, blinked, and then said curtly, Ew.


Dammit, where did I put that fre...

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