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Entering her fourth year of companionship with the entity Tawhirimatea, Daria had traveled all over the Earth searching for a way to banish him once and for all. She had been wholly unsuccessful with every one of her efforts to date, including the first effort, which had eradicated her best friend's brother (and one-time crush) Trent.

Most recently, she found herself in London, studying a Christian text on exorcism dating back to the sixth century, AD. She hardly paid it any mind, though, since she recognized it was a variation of a technique performed by Celts several hundred years earlier -- and that technique hadn't worked for her, either.

She felt the hairs on her arms raise, and an enraged snarl from within her own head.

'What now?' she asked of her companion.

'Another usurps,' it uttered cryptically.

'What do you mean?'

'Reach out, feel the Earth.'

Daria did.

She had discovered over the years that Tawhirimatea's dominion over thunder, lightning, wind, clouds, and storms gave her a number of unusual abilities, one of which was sensing the Earth's magnetic fields. She reached out and felt the subtle nuances of the fields. Normally they were rather benign, vibrating subtly, much like the tide of the seas.

This...this was a tsunami, an ever-rising wave of force she felt would drown her if given half a chance.

She withdrew with a shudder. "Did you do this?" she asked aloud.

'No, it is another,' it replied, angry. 'Find and kill it.'

Daria thought for a minute, then shook her head. 'I don't think it's another spirit. No, this feels like...' She trailed off.

She examined her memory for reference to what would cause a sharp increase in Earth's magnetic field...and what it would do.

One possible cause was a shutdown of the Earth's core...then Daria realized that was the plot of a terrible movie from several years ago and discarded it.

A nearby star could have gone supernova, bombarding Earth with massive quantities of gamma radiation. That would create an EMP effect, frying every circuit on the side of Earth facing the destroyed star, as well as giving all life on that side of the planet a dose of radiation many times above the lethal...

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