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A Sample part of Furry Porn Story:

(Here is chapter 4. Thanks to Sailor Evanescence, radioactive care bears in the freezer, and luigifan2234 for reviewing my chapters. In response to S.E., "The Ice Man Cometh" is a season 1 episode. Try again.)

Copyright 2004 (fanfiction) 2002 (episode)

The 4 of us were hiking through the forest holding a torch of fire, swinging at the tree branches and scaring them away.

"The fire! It's working," Sam said.

We continued hiking and battling the tree branches until we heard some screaming. It was Zero and he ws being held hostage tied around a few tree branches in a part of the forest.

"Help! Can anyone hear me?" He called out.

"Oh we can hear you alright," Clover said.

"From about 5 miles away," I added.

"Does it mean we're going to help you?" Clover said.

"Please, these roots are really tight, and I chaffe easily," Zero said, petrified.

"Where's our friend?" Sam asked.

"I'm...not exactly sure," Zero said.

"Now, pod boy," Sam snapped.

"There's a tree, in the middle of the forest, the queen. You'll find your friend there," Zero explained.

Tree branches were ready for another battle.

"Go, find your friend. I'll get Zero down and get more help," Wade ordered.

"Wade, that is so heroic. You know, if we get through all this, maybe you and I could--" Sam was about to say, admiring Wade's bravery.

"Mission now, love talk later, Sam," I said, after Clover tapped her on the head.

We snagged Sam and navigated through the forest.

"Are we going the right way?" Clover asked.

"According to WOOHP's calculations we're heading the direction of--" Sam was about to say until she stopped us.

"Sam, why did you stop?" Clover asked.

"That is one buff tree," Sam said slowly.

"Oh my gosh," I said.

"And Alex is in one of those pods," Clover said.

"Question is, which one?" I asked.

The queen was ready for a battle. One of it's tree branches made a lunge for us right off the bat, but we dodged it.

While dodging, Clover noticed a bulldozer and made a run for it.

"Clover, what're you doing?" Sam asked, while she hid behind a tree.

"Just keep the queen's attention," Clover responded.

She hopped into the bulldozer and tried to analyze the situation.

"Okay, how do I work this thing," Clover said to herself.

Clover got the bulldozer going and Sam and I hopped on the sides. All of a sudden, one of the tree branches grabbed for the bulldozer that Clover was in. Sam and I hopped off, but Clover was still inside. She screamed.

While the tree kept swaying the bulldozer around, Clover smelled something. "I know that perfume," she said.

She gasped. "It's gasoline,"

The tree was too relentless as Clover was tossed out, but thankfully, Sam drove a pickup truck fil...

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