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A Sample part of Furry Hentai Story:

A/N: Hi, sorry about the long wait. I hadTechnical difficulties Lets just say that if my mom mentions hospitals or doctors within the next six months, I will hide in my room and not come out. ^-^

Underlined are Robins thoughts.

Underlined italics are Ravens thoughts.

Bold underlined is anyone elses.

Chapter 6


PPPPPPPPPPPPPP Robin moaned into the kiss, leaning into it eagerly. He enjoyed the sensations for some time, before he began to run out of air. Needing oxygen, the masked hero tried to back away only to find that he could not!

PPPPPPPPPPPPPP The lips pressed against his suddenly felt cold and rough, and although he could not see it, he could feel the cold amusement. He was suffocating! Feeling panic as black started to creep into his vision, he struggled against the constraints; to no avail. He could not get away from the kiss, despite his efforts.

PPPPPPPPPPPPPP With a cry, he felt himself falling and he woke up, soaked in sweat on the floor, with his sheets tangled around him tightly. Looking around dazedly, he saw he was in his room, and that there were no handcuffs, nor any mysterious person. A dream it was all a dream, he realized. With an annoyed sigh, he saw that he mustve been suffocating himself with his pillow. How typical.

PPPPPPPPPPPPPP Displeased, Robin fought with his sheets for a minute before untangling them and rolling them into a ball, throwing them away in disgust. Stepping over them, Robin made his way into the bathroom down the hall, not caring that he wore only his boxers. It wasnt as though anyone else was up yet, he reasoned with himself absently.

PPPPPPPPPPPPPP Stripping himself of his boxers, he turned on the shower, and faced the mirror. Looking in it, he allowed a small smirk. Beast Boy would probably tell him hes weird; he wore his mask to bed. Checking to make sure the doors locked, and also for one of Beast Boys cameras, he then peeled off the mask.

PPPPPPPPPPPPPP Leaning forward, he let himself examine his own face. He really didnt look too bad, he supposed. A little tired, and slightly flushed, but not bad. Looking closer, he grimaced he had a tan line! On his face! Oh, I really need to get out more. I need to tan my face without the mask. It should get rid of the tan line. Without the others knowing, of courseCant let them see me without my mask.

PP PPPPPPPPPPP With that, his vain moment was over, and he got into the shower, sighing with pleasure as the hot water pounded on his shoulders and neck, running down his back. He turned to face the spray, letting his head fall back and his eyes slip shut in bliss.

PP PPPPPPPPPPP He stood in this manner for some time, thinking back on his wet dream. Could it be called a wet dream? Blushing now, he decided it wasnt worth it. But if he r...

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