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A Sample part of Furry Hentai Story:

Chapter Two: Rule # 454

The Fates were obstinate creatures of the underworld, and Hadess short amount of patience was wearing thin.

What do you mean there are no options left? the God fumed. Look again!

The shortest of the trio stepped forward. We have told you what you what we have seen. As things stand now, the two lovers are set to have many descendants, and you are fated to stay in the underworld forever.

You see ladies, he said as he put his arms around them attempting to schmooze his way to the outcome he wanted. My revenge wont occur if they live happily ever after.

Whats the big deal? Hercules and Meg are mortal, boss, and they will have to check-in down here one day, Panic, one of his minions, noted.

Yeah, Pain, his other minion, agreed. And beside no ocean front view, the caverns of the underworld are not too bad. The dark and damp walls make this place, you know, a little homey.

Hades was not convinced by their arguments, and he took out his frustration by angrily throwing the two demons into a nearby wall.

Wait. the tallest of the fates interrupted. There is another way to get what you seek.

What do you mean, Sister? The future has already been foretold! the shortest among them exclaimed.

I see now a person from the womans past; like her, his image is hazy because his destiny has been altered once before. He is the only person who has the power to alter the destiny of the son of Zeus and his future bride.

Now youre talking! Who is my new best friend? Hades asked eagerly.

The old woman raised the eye she shared with her sisters back into the air, and it began to project the image of a man before them. He was extremely attractive, but his smirk had an air of conceit which tarnished his perfect face. This is the man who holds the key to altering the lives of the two you wish to harm.

Hades smiled maliciously as he stared the young man, for he knew exactly who he was. Oh yeah, I like where this is going! Pain! Panic! Get over here. I need you to go visit an old flame of a dear friend of ours

When Megara arrived at Herculess villa the next day, she walked right into the middle of an argument.

What do you mean youre taking a couple days off? the middle aged Satyr griped. Just because you achieved immortality doesnt mean you can retire! Youre more popular than ever! There are still monsters out there that are needing to be pummeled and appearance fees to be collected!

Hercules continued to polish one of his many shield and ignored his trainers complaints. Phil, I just have something more important to do. Those monsters and market bazaars will still be there when I ...

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