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A Sample part of Almost Naked Animals Story: the Second Age, in the midst of the Snake-Men Wars of Old. I was but an apprentice to the Elders at the time, but I had learned much. However, I wanted to put the skills I learned to the test. To use them for evil. So, I sought out an enemy village.He inflicted minimal damage, but killed many, including General Gorefoot and the family of Rattlor.The Second Age:He-Ro dismounted Battle-Beast and walked into Central Tower. He felt weary, but it wasnt battle that wore him down. Instead, it was news. A village of Snake-Men had been attacked, but no one was taking claim. He had, for a while, suspected it to be one of his own warriors, but he had eventually decided it couldnt have been one of them.Great Elders, he addressed, bowing before Eldor and the Council of Elders. I still have no news on the attack. It has troubled me greatly.So I see, Eldor responded. Fear not, though. This was not the responsibility of you or your companions. The work was done by a very powerful wizard. Either a friend or foe, we can not tell. He has blanketed himself well.He-Ro nodded. I . . . understand. Still, it bothers me that these people were killed so mercilessly. Families were killed. Women and children.You are very noble to think of the dark side of this...

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