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...Chapter 2Disclaimer:I own nothingThe Views expressed in this fic are not mineHomer: oh my god how did this happen?Fry: Bender since when do belive in God and stop fooling around your scaring me.Homer:Listen you stop calling me Bender,I'm Homer Simpson.Fry:Prove it...*cockly* Bender.Homer:Why you little!!*Starts choking Fry*Fry: *while being choked* Ok your Homer!Homer:Damn straight! Now,who are you and where I'm I ?Fry:This New New york in the year 3000 and I'm Fry.Homer: Aw crap,I'm back in New york,wait a sec New New york?Fry: I'll explain on the way to work.Homer:*whiny*Aw do I have to?Fry:*annoyed* Yes!Homer:*quitly* D'oh.Meanwhile in SpringfieldBender:What the hell happend to me,I'm a yellow human?Marge:*worried* Homer...?Bender: For the last time I'm not Homer!Marge: Well,you look like him,but you don't act like him.*Looks in to Bender's eyes* No,somehow I can tell your not my Homer. But if your not Homer,then who are you?Bender: My name is Bender and I was a bending robot but now I'm a fat yellow human. So were am I?Marge: This is the year 2003 and your in Springfield and I'm Marge SimpsonBender: What state is springfield in?Marge:Well its...To be continuedDoga:Master What can we expect the next time ?Magus:You can Wait like the others.Doga:But Master...Magus:Don't make me get the nail gun!Doga*wimpers*I'll be good....

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