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...scared to leave Raven. What if Black Blood was waiting for her to go? Slycat yawned, Why dont you just call Mama? You know, Ms. Dark-Yet-Dramatic Princess of the Demons?Yeah. Ill just call Maddy. Shes good at this kind of stuff. Youre not bad for your age, cat.Well, why else would I be Slycat?Ive no idea. Phoenix opened the door to her Corner, leaving Slycat guarding Raven.Phoenix opened a vortex of black fire and summoned her oldest sister.A tall, red-skinned she-demon appeared and the vortex closed.Madison was wearing a black gown with rubies at the hems. Her hair fell past her feet, and her eyes were black. Comforting when she was good, but when she was evil, her eyes were forbidding. Daring anyone to approach her. Her crown was black with rubies on the border.Phoenix, dolling! How wonderful to see you again, doll! So how is Beast Boy dear? Cyborg darling? Or Robin? How about that total doll, Starfire, dolling? Raven? Maddy had a small habit in calling males darling or dear and females doll or dolling.Everyone except Raven is fine.Whats wrong, doll?We got two new members today- Er, yesterday. It was 12:46.Yes?Theyre cousins. and one of them took a wrong step with Raven. Theyre en...
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