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... and saw that she was just a light blue. She tried to water bend water from the nearby creek but she couldn’t. Her bending was gone! Chapter 11: Reunited Katara looked around and rubbed her eyes. “Where am I?” she said to herself. She panicked and started to run around “Sokka! Toph! Sukki!” She continued to run until she stepped in a mud hole. “Uggh” her face clenched up. She took her foot out of the mud. She shook the mud off her shoe then continued but a lot more cautiously. She jumped over tree roots and climbed over mossy logs. Her face was covered in sweat. When se reached a clear spring she sighed in relief and ran to the edge of the water. She got on her knees and cupped her hands. She splashed water on herself then looked down to get more water. A slight ripple ran through then a figure appeared. A body appeared, covered in a long red robe. She looked up to find a head but the face was fuzzy. She turned around but nobody was behind her. She looked back at the water and a face appeared. It was Avatar Roku. She rubbed her eyes and looked down again. The figure was still there. “A…Avatar Roku?” “Welcome Katara.” “I must be dreaming.” Katara told herself. “You’re not dreaming Katara. W...
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