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...were near the center of the town, there were small buildings- and Kayla loved looking at them. She never got to see this small part of the town because she passed out in Kevins car on the way to Gwens.Ive never seen so much of Earth before, not even the first- -She stopped talking in mid-sentence.She had a sad look on her face, Whats wrong? He asked, giving her a look.Its nothing, just something I remembered. You remember Sai-ha said he rescued me; it was here on Earth, well maybe not here but defiantly on Earth. I dont remember it much sometimes I wish I did. She sighed as she put her hood over her head when it started to rain.Luckily Ben remembered an umbrella. Told you itd come in handy, he laughed and opened the umbrella; Kayla shrugged as she watched the rain fall slowly. We keep going this way and well find ourselves in the center of town, he said pointing forward and pointing left he said, well end up with more houses that way- thats where the direction to Kevins house. Kayla nodded at the new information; you remember how to get back to the house from here?Yes, Im good with landmarks, she gave gesture to a rotting green house that looked like it was made of cardboard- with a perfectly brand-new garage.Well, at lest I know youll never get lost in this area. He ...

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