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... He looked over at the bleeding scab on his elbow Ahhhh! My band aid! Its gone! Im bleeding! Im bleeding! he began running around wildly Im gonna diiieeee! he whacked into a pole and the slide began to shake. The kids scattered. Ferb, who was on the slide at the time, propelled further than planned and into the pool on the other side. The slide (who now had no-one on it thank god!) collapsed on a nearby wall lamp. It sparked with electricity and the slide was soon engulfed in flames. Isabella and the Fireside girls teamed up and put the fire out using the water from the pool. The slide burnt into ashes and it ran away into the drains with the water. There was not a trace left. The other kids stared at the buck toothed child my badFerb surfaced gasping for breath. He saw his trunks next to him and blushed uncontrollably, ducking back under the water.Perry and Doofenshmirtz were still fighting on the balcony. Perry kicked him in the stomach and they both fell off the balcony splashing into the water below. The kids around them cheered and a few of them held up score cards thinking that it was an ultimate dive. They both emerged from the water Doofenshmirtz almost strangling Perry the Platypus. The splash of water hit Tim in the face and he woke up, his sunglasses falling off. He saw the two in the water and rose out of his chair.He blew his whistle Hey! No fighting...

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