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...ey couldn't be villains already; they were just little kids they were probably just playing. "I'm Betty" She said trying to sound normal but her voice was shaky and her throat hurt badly. Her train of thought was hard to follow with such a big head ache. She felt like she was being stabbed with a thousand knives and the pain just kept getting worse by the second."Betty" Maximus repeated. "What exactly is a Betty anyway?" He had never heard of such a species before."Your evilness I think she's a girl!" Minimus pointed out.Maximus looked from Minimus to Betty a few times then hid behind his sidekick. "Ew coodies! Keep her away! Minimus! I order you not to let the coodies get me!"Betty would have rolled her eyes if she had the energy to do so. "Be good" She managed to say before she felt she could no longer hold on and just disappeared."Where did she go? Is she hiding in a dark corner waiting to throw her coodies at us?" Maximus asked confused."I don't know" Minimus said just as confused if not more.Maximus thought about it for a moment. "Minimus I don't think that was a girl" He finally said."It wasn't? Then what is a girl then?" Minimus was quite confused now. He was certain the creature they just saw was a girl. She was of another species but still a girl."No, I mean she was a girl but not a regular girl. Maybe she was an angel person" Maximus said.Minimus never really questioned him. "Cool we met an angel person! So should we be good like she said?""I guess so... Mayb...

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