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...ut how is that possible, X-5?" interjected a startled DeGill"I'm afraid we'll have to wait to determine that, sir, but we need some D. antidote to reverse the effects immediately." said the robot with a dose of urgency in his voice."Don't worry, I'm teleporting some antidote down to you right now," answered DeGillBefore you could say "antidote", a beam reached down from space and shrouded X-5 in a yellow glow for a second. When the light wore away, X-5 opened up his body and took out a vial of fluorescent turquoise liquid."I have the antidote, Captain!" yelled X-5 to Betty."Good work, X-5! Neil, how will you attach yourself to the creature?" asked Betty after backflipping away from a stream of acid that the monster spat at her."With this!" replied Neil as he pushed the "Bass" button on his MP3 player.A 3-pronged spear materialized in his non-immobile right hand."Now stand back! This might get wild!" warned Neil as Betty and Sparky stepped back and kept their distance.With a full head of steam, Neil dashed towards the monster, which saw him coming and attempted to squash him with a downward punch. A split-second before the impact, Neil jumped to let the punch get buried in the concrete, stepped off the monster's rock-solid arm, and plunged the spear down on the monster's head, trapping it between the prongs. Screeching angrily, the monster bucked back and forth, side to side, attempting to throw Neil off its shoulders."X-5! Cover us with the antidote now! Whoa!" screa...
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