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...f into plasma and took a human form. From the feet up, plasma transmuted into flesh, and before the Galactic Gaurdians eyes, Neil returned.Out of sheer happiness and relief, Betty, Sparky, and X-5 rushed forward and hugged their friend."Whoa! Okay, okay, I like you too!" said a very surprised Neil."We were sure you died in there! How did you get away?" asked Betty."Well, it started when we left my family's lab," Neil said before reaching into the back of his mouth and taking out a red tooth cap."Gross!" said Sparky."I know, I know, but this was part of a plan I had. Before we left the lab, I ate a blue pill and put this tooth cap in the back of my mouth. Then, when we were almost powerless, I kissed Betty and--""You kissed the chief?" interjected Sparky as Betty could only blush."Please, hear me out," said Neil. "Betty, when I kissed you, I broke open the tooth cap, and I breathed ether into you. That's how I knocked you out. Then I put the beacon on your wrist, programmed the star cruiser to take off, and teleported you and your crew aboard the ship.""As soon as you were safe, I set my MP3 player to self-destruct," Neil continued. "But before it exploded, the blue pill I took earlier converted my body into living energy, and I tel...

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