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...overed figure. Clearing her throat, she looked up at both of them. "We were able to dispatch all of the arrancar, despite the casualties. However, we did notice that there was a clear leader on their side." The sheet was pulled back, revealing a very deceased blonde woman, the cruel cast to her features obvious even in death. It was not this that Soi Fon gasped at, though. Tattooed on the arrancar's cheek was a very familiar mark – a gothic six. "No fucken way." Grimmjow was stunned. Soi Fon continued to stare at the body, before looking up at Yoruichi. "What does this mean?" "I don't know. The Hougyouku was destroyed, so no new hollows are being created, but I must admit, we never got a clear fix on just how big Aizen's army was. It is entirely possible that what remains still poses a threat to us." Yoruichi's face was troubled. "And someone's leading them." Grimmjow's face was set in an expression that Soi Fon hadn't seen before. "Someone's training them and numbering them, 'coz let's face it, most of them are too dumb to do it themselves." He motioned to the corpse in front of them. "This is a deliberate message. Whoever's in charge wanted us to know what they're doing. Why else send out someone so obviously marked? They coulda sent out someone stronger and actually had them come ba...
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