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... the little bee is going to be seriously pissed off now… Grinning to himself, he strode down the hall toward their office. Just how I like her. xXx "Have you tried just beating the crap out of him?" Yoruichi had to admit, she'd never seen the woman she considered a little sister this disgruntled. Pissed off, yes, but not pissed off and unsure of what to do next. This was entirely new and arousing her curiosity. Ok, so she was a cat for a reason. Sue her. Drumming her nails on the desk, Soi Fon frowned slightly. "On numerous occasions. The only problem is - he's good with his hands." Her companion raised an eyebrow, prompting Soi Fon to reconsider what she'd said. "Oh, for – I meant in the fighting sense. Kami, I'm not stupid enough for that." Yoruichi grinned. "I don't know. An entire paperwork's stack of women can't be wrong. And besides bee, you could use some fun." Glaring in response, she replied, "I would sooner gouge out my own eyes and eat them. And I do have fun. I'll have even more fun when I finally manage to beat him into the ground and can kick him in the gut as he sprawls in a puddle of his own blood." She exhaled, before looking pensive. "Do you think it would be a bit much to strangle ...

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