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...een here before. Maybe they have a superhero or heroine group I can join.I dont care Hanukkah! Take me back!No way, girl. Enjoy the future while you can. Not many vampas here.Vampress or vampire, not vampa!Yeah. Whatever, Vampa Girl.Chapter One: when Hanukkah takes a test, and Raven & Phoenix get a new enemy.Has anyone seen the-? Cyborg looked dizzy just looking for the remote until Raven cut him off.No one cares for that pointless device.On the kitchen counter. Phoenix came in with a cup of tea. Cyborg turned around to the counter just in time to see a green raccoon take off with the remote.Hey! You come back here!Raven and Phoenix rolled their eyes. The doorbell rang and Phoenix went to see who it was. Beast Boy flung at her. Phina-poo! Help me! Hes after my blood! Sweetums! Ya gotta help me!Yuck! Gross! Get off of me! Ill be after your blood, too! And Im not your Sweetums! Now I gotta answer that door and Ravens getting a headache. She opened the door.A witch stood next to a vampire. I'm Hanukkah and thats my cuz, Black Blood. I was wondering if I could join the Teen Titans.Join? Kids, I dont know the meaning! Unless youre willing to past, like, the hardest test ever. Geez, why doesnt ...
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