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... rivalry, sabotages, competition, and more fighting.Mung blinked. He had to get back to work, but he couldnt help remembering what he had said last night, Sometimes I wish that woman would just keel over... .......The next day, Panini came over again. Ms. Endive had died. The funeral was held on that Saturday. Everyone was there.Now I believe Ms. Endives apprentice has a few words to say, said the priest. Panini walked up to the stand.Im Panini, Ms. Endives apprentice and her stepdaughter. My father died when I was three, and Ms. Endive was the only family I had. Even though she didnt act like a mother that much, she still was. She gave me advice, and every summer she would take me to the Big Apple.Ms. Endive taught me how to cook, and many other things too. People may of thought she was really mean, but she had a soft spot in her heart. That is all I have to say. I am going to miss her very much. Im not sure where I will live or what will happen to her business, all I know is that I will never forget her and the ten years of knowledge and love she gave me. Thank you.I didnt know she was Endives stepdaughter, whispered Mung.Before the burial, Mung looked at Endive one more time. She looks so peaceful, thought Mung. He remembered the year at Culinary School with Endive. And their date. She did always want to be more than friends before their big fight.Mung never thought Endi...

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