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... blond on the floor.The thing that seriously bothered me was that Tweek wasn't ugly. He wasn't ugly at all. I wouldn't say hes handsome though. He has a more feminine type features and I've always noticed that since the time we were in the hospital together in third grade. He had one little beauty mark under his eye. And his eyes themselves were oddly colored. A greenish brown and in there own way they just made him prettier. His lips were plump and full and his blond hair was always a wreck. I remember always wanted to run my fingers through it to fix that unruly hair.Oh, and his clothes. He always seemed to wear one green sweater. On the back of it was a cartoonish looking picture of a coffee mugwhich in my eyes, was perfect because he was always sucking down a cup of coffee. I absolutely adored the baggy pants he wears and I never knew why. His looks and clothes may be the only thing I agree with him on. But I'm not oh so positive if he likes my attire or appearance.Oh, my. I was oddly colored all over. Brown eyes, Dark brown hair, freckles. I curse my father for being a ginger. My sister was cursed with red hair but I got lucky. I got my grandmothers pretty dark brown hairthat can easily be mistaken for black. I often wore the color blue because, hell, it was my favorit...
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