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...ack a.k.a. Kirk, everything was real. Cassie closed her eyes and prayed for it all to be the dream, but every time she opened her eyes she was still being held captive."Bring them both into the cage." Justice ordered the other girls. Sunshine went up and took Cassie from Kirk. Harmony walked up to Zack and grabbed him, not roughly though. "Kirk help the girls in case they try to escape!" Justice told him. He nodded. When the three warners were taken out the whole group went inside. Suddenly Justice slammed the door shut with them all inside. Kirk, Harmony and Sunshine gasped. "What is the meaning of this?!?!" Kirk yelled. "Calm yourself. You really think I would let you all get in my way?! Not a chance!" Justice's face was contorted in a scowl. "Justice! We aren't suppose to kill the ones on our side!" Emerald cried. Cherry nodded. "Would you like to join them?" Justice snapped. The two girl's faces filled with fear and they shook their heads. "Very well, have a nice time." Justice smile could kill the bravest warrior if she faced one. Everyone left, but before Yakko and his sibs were dragged out he glanced at Cassie. She looked at Yakko, fear in her eyes. He felt tears water her image as they filled his eyes and he closed them. Everyone in the cage was tryin...

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