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A Sample part of Dexters Laboratory Dexters Mum Fuck Dydy Story: using the same kind of gloves that he himself was using!"Hey, you copied me!" Dexter said."Au contraire," Mandark replied. "If you, too, are using a pair of these gloves, then you're the one who copied me!""We'll see who's better!" Dexter shouted. Dexter suddenly jumped down from the tree, rushed at Mandark, and hit him with an uppercut. Mandark was sent up into the air, and he landed with a thud.Mandark got up and said, "You think you can beat me? Think again!"Mandark punched at Dexter's face, but he aimed too high and passed over Dexter completely since Dexter was very short. Dexter took advantage of this opportunity to punch Mandark's left knee."Ow!" Mandark exclaimed, grabbing his left knee and repeatedly hopping around on his right foot. Mandark then recovered and punched the ground, causing a minor shockwave to send Dexter up into the air. When Dexter came down, Mandark hit him with an uppercut that knocked him to the ground with a thud."Jeez, that hurts!" Dexter said. Dexter then got up and said, "Ok, you're gonna get it!"Dexter went behind a tree and punched at its base. The tree fell towards Mandark, but Mandark hopped out of the way."Ha! Missed me!" Mandark taunted."Not for long!" Dexter shouted, having only caused the tree to fall to distract Mandark. Dexter took advantage of Mandark's distraction by rushing at him and clubbing him in the back of the head, knocking him to the ground. Mandark responded by viciously kic...
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