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... maybe, that it couldve reawakened X.A.N.A.?""Oh, this is terrible." Aelita said. "What are we going to do?""Theres only one thing we can do." Yumi said."Youre right." Jeremy said. "We have to turn the supercomputer back on and destroy the remaining Replicas.""Hey, guys!" Brianne rushed over to them. "Whats up?""Oh, nothing really." Yumi said. "Aelita was telling us about a strange dream she had last night, but its no big deal.""Im glad to hear that." Brianne said. "Well, I should get going. Ive got swim practice." She walked away from them."What are we going to do about Brianne?" Ulrich asked."Were going to have to hide this from her as long as we can." Jeremy told them."Shes bound to find out, eventually." Odd pointed out. "We should let her help us.""I want her to help, too, Odd." Aelita said. "But Im afraid we cant take the risk of letting her get involved right now."That evening, the group had just come back to school. "Well, Ulrich was right." Jeremy said. "The Sector 5 Replica is up and running again.""Yeah, and I think I spotted two others, though I didnt scan the coordinates in time to send them to you, Jeremy." Aelita told him."Its okay." Jeremy said. "Lets just focus on dismantling the one for now."Brianne was in the park. It was getting cold, so she pulled her blue jacket on closer to her body. (She only wears it at night when its cold.) All of a sudden, she s...

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