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A Sample part of Foot 2 Rue Story: now and go get Danny.When Tucker brought the egg out, Colin took note of the swirls and color automatically. Danny Fenton: Large, clearly separated swirls of pure gold and sunshine yellowGold? GOLD?! His eyes suddenly bulged out. He dropped the clipboard and reeeally looked at the egg. He suddenly felt the urge to cry from extreme joy and relief. He stared at the egg, mesmerized as Jazz had been. It was true. The king was coming of age. I have actually found him! WaitI. Found. Him. I am going to actually live the dream of every young dragon. I found the prophesized King!Sam slapped his face.Does every dragon react to Danny like that? she demanded.He is the one. Do you know who this is? It is the true king! We have been waiting for him for thousands of years! I found him! I actually found him. Colin rambled to Sam and Tucker. How long ago did he cocoon?About 4 hours ago. Jazz cocooned about 3 hours ago. Why? Sam and Tucker asked.Oh no. female dragons only take 4 hours to fully form and hatch, while males take 5 hours. We need to get them both to their parents fast. Colin panicked. He tried to grab both eggs, but failed miserably.You know, Dannys going to try his best to refuse to be your king. Good luck convincing...

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