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A Sample part of Fotos De Los Simpson Story: cleared his throat, then held up a pointer-stick. He tapped the display. New York City. The Big Apple. As you may or may not know, Section 13 has been keeping close tights with Special Unit 2 and other organizations.Right, right. Jackie said. I remember.Now, yesterday, at precisely 4:54 PM, Sandi Valmont was kidnapped.Valmont took in a deep breath. He looked very, very, VERY pale, and was sweating heavily. The Enforcers closest to him patted him on the back while Finn said Itll be okay Big V over and over. Shendu was nervously scratching his arm with his claws and his talons kept pawing the floor. Nick immediately felt a surge of pity rise in himthey were hurting badly.Then, at precisely 7:06 AM todayWhich would be 666 AM down in Hell King said out loud.New York City was hit by a sudden quake Captain Black tapped the display and a new image was shown of a huge rift opening up, revealing a red/black glow coming out from the rift.And thenfive minutes later He tapped the display again, his face grim. It showedHundreds of theseTHINGScame out. Demons, devils, horrors of the nightthe city has been under attack for three hours. Special Unit 2 did an excellent job on evacuating people into the safety of their HQ and secret warehouses, but they cant stay there forever. Eventually what protection that their scientific prowess provides will be ripped downAnd although NYC is a very magical city, anyone with magical talent wa...
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