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...alk up and talk to Snot, Barry and Toshi.Cool kid #1Awesome job, dudes!Cool kid #2Yea, you're totally in now! Congrats!SNOT BARRY AND TOSHIAwesome!All five kids leave the lunchroom and Steve gets up. He heard the whole conversation and is in shock.STEVESo THAT'S why they're treating me like this. Well, no more! I need to get back at them. But how?ext smith house - later that daySteve finds Roger and asks his for help.rogerNo you cannot borrow my anal probe!STEVECome on! I really gotta get revenge on these guys!ROGERNo way! Only a trained professional is allowed to use it and besides, we can't use it on minors, it's against our code.STEVEWell ya gotta help me out here. How else can I get my revenge?ROGERWell, we can always try a montage of different evil schemes.STEVEThat sounds good.We now enter a montage of different ideas that Roger and Steve try out for exacting revenge on Steve's friends.We see 3 manikins, dressed like Snot, Toshi and Barry, sitting at a mock science lab table with an open flame in front of them. Roger walks up from behind and hits them in the head with a bottle of beer and all three fall into the flame, catching on fire and falling to the ground. Steve looks on, but is unimpressed.Next, we see a doorway with 3 huge rocks, unreasonably balanced on the slightly opened door, when Roger shoves the manikins through. They are crushed instantly. Steve looks on but again is unimpressed.Fi...

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