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...self, she was probably the only one not surprised that the Pirate Captain had snaked an arm around the boy's waist and taken them both into the sea in the middle of one of his speeches. She inclined her head musing over the way in which firstly she was happily accepting of Will's departure and secondly of how she considered him a 'boy'. She gave a mental nod, content with her thoughts. Will was still very child like: his love for her idealised and noble and she was certain he would have pursued his suit for her even if he had come to realise his heart lay elsewhere. She did love him, but she knew her love was that for a beloved sibling. They could never have made a successful marriage. Will could never have given Elizabeth what she needed any more than she could have provided Will with what he wanted. //I wish you both joy, Sweet William,// she mused.A touch to her arm had her attention focusing on James Norrington. She cocked an eyebrow at him in silent question."You seem singly unconcerned that a pirate has just kidnapped your suitor, Miss Swann," he observed.Elizabeth pulled out a fan and snapped it open, fluttering it before her face."I am certain that under Captain Sparrow, Will shall find his true self ...

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