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Drawn Hentai

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...o explain right now, just keep Tecnishas sentence was cut off by another jump of the train, being in this enclosed, dark space caused Tecnas stomach to do back flips, especially if the train car was being tempered with.The brakes are broken, the train cant stop. John ran back in, kneeled down and held his daughter and wife close.Are we going to die? Tecna quivered.No, not if I can help it. John whispered, tightening his embrace on his daughter.I can go out there to try and fix it, everything here is digital, I can fix it! Tecnisha went to get up, but John pulled her down.No, youre just as much at risk as Tecna is, I cant lose you two. John told her, Just stay here and try to keep Tecna calm, Ill find Ian.Ian, whos Ian? Tecna asked, she barely remembered her tenth birthday party, or the time at the age of five.Never mind honey, just stay down. Tecnisha held her daughter tight as Tecna tried to reach for her fathers hands, to ask that question of what is going on. John left to find Ian, and Tecna sighed, no one was going to tell her why it was so important to stay hidden, but the answer was hiding in the shadows of that very train car, ready to pounce. Moments later, Tecnisha heard a noise, a rustling behind some luggage, and then she saw movement.Did you hear that? she asked.What? Tecna whispered. Then Tecnisha stood up in a fighting stance, ready to transform in order to defend her daughter...
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