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...d not tell me what he was doing so I was a little disappointed he didn't include me in his plans. But nevertheless, I shall have to go and get ready for the theatre now. Goodbye Journal!Two hours later, Starfire emerged from her room feeling very fresh and smelling glamorous. Excitedly, she made her way to Beast Boy's room to collect him for the outing. I wonder if BB is as excited as I am about this trip that we shall all go on together.She gently knocked on his metal door and resumed to waiting patiently. Gradually the door opened and revealed the usual image of Beast Boy.'Ready?' Starfire asked encouragingly. 'You said three o clock, it is now two thirty-seven. Fifteen minutes are required for transport, am I correct?' Starfire recited when she didn't receive an eligible reply from Beast Boy.'No, you're right... it's just...' Beast Boy started.'Do not be concerned about the presence of Raven!' she ordered hastily.'Huh? How'd ya know?' Beast Boy gasped. Starfire held up her hand.'I have been here long enough to decipher your emotions as of now as-' she started to lift each finger in order, 'One, shyness; two, insecurity; three, nervousness; four-''Okay, okay, Star. We better go before you start telling me I love her.' he interrupted.'...
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