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...lt it. Said JimmyNeutron, Said Cindy, almost immediately regretting not calling him by his first name, what should we do next?Actually, I think the chronoarch is finished we just need to plug it in. Said JimmyOh! Oh! Let me do it Jimmy, please, please, please! Said Carl, waving his hand in the airSure Carl, you can do it. Said JimmyCarl plugged it into the wall, allowing the large circle to light up. The room filled with cheers of joy.What happened? Shouted the older Jimmy from the other roomThe chronoarch is working again! Shouted JennyThats great! I think that Cindy will be- Started the older JimmyWhats going on? Said Cindy so quietly that the kids in the other room could barely hear itThe chronoarch is working now, the kids can go home. Said the older Jimmy, uncharacteristically softlyI already knew that, Im not stupid Neutron, I was wondering what happened before that and why Im lying on this stupid couch. Said the older Cindy, her voice back to its normal levelTechnically youre Neutron too Said the older Jimmy, a teasing tone in his voiceSadly, yes. Now answer my question.Sheen was messing with the chronoarch and caused an explosion and you got hit the hardest. You were unconscious so I carried you over to the couch.Well you dont have to baby me;...

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