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...ntists on the space center.Then?Its that we were kind of worried about you. That was true. Although the board could be a pain in the backside sometimes, they were actually nice people. And they had to admit that, although distracting, the former attitude and looks of Dr. Porter was way better than the almost depressive look that she had lately.And we were wondering if maybe there is something that we could help you with maybe a problem of some kindPersonally, Dr. Possible kind of had an idea of what could be the cause.Dr. Porter had to began to act like this since Ronald decided to stop with the tutoring (with the excuse that he didnt had enough time anymore). And although he admitted of not knowing much about the interaction between boys and girls (his wife was the expert there), the fact is that her sudden change began when Ronald left, and that her reports always had her name and Ronalds inside a hearth drawn somewhere. Those were clues that he couldnt just ignore.And while the idea of her and Ron having something was ridiculous (it is Ronald after all, what could he be doing with a girl? the doctor doubted that Ron would even know what to do) the possibility existed.Dont worry Doctor Possible Answered Vivian fina...
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