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.... It was still many months away from Meg's 18th birthday so the wait would be a long one. However, that promise may be broken soon as Meg had just said:"Zack, I'm ready.""Ready for what?" asked Zack as he was watching TV in his room/attic."I wanna have sex," she said."What? But we said that-""We said that we'd wait until my 18th birthday, I know. But I don't want to wait! I want us to take our relationship to the next level, now!""Meg, you're still legally a minor, and I'm legally an adult," Zack explained, "It's a bad idea.""We'll do it in the attic," said Meg."Forget it," said Zack."Jimmy Fallon did it to me and he's an adult," said Meg."He did?!?! How was he?" asked Zack."Well, he was pretty nice," said Meg."God I hate that guy so much! I'll bet I can do it like a million times better than he can!" said Zack."Does that mean...?" asked Meg."Yes! Tonight, we make love!" said Zack.Then a few seconds later, Zack is running downstairs to Peter."Peter, can I talk to you for a second?" asked Zack, "In private?""Um, Sure," said Peter.Zack than directed Peter to follow him into the basement. There, he turned on the stereo and turned it up to the point where nothing else could be heard. Zack began moving his lips...

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