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...ped her hands as she said, Thatll teach ya varmints to attack innocent children.Wow, Future Sandy! SpongeBob greeted as he walked over to her. You really saved us.SpongeBob! Future Sandy said with a smile as she turned to him. I wonderin where you- but then, she stopped and got an odd stare when she noticed something about the sponge from the past.Future Sandy continued staring at him until she noticed the kids standing in the back. She then got an angered look as she marched past SpongeBob and went toward the kids.UhSandy? SpongeBob tried calling.When Future Sandy reached the kids, she put her hands on her hips and sternly said, Do yall have an explanation for this?Junior got on his knees and cried, It wasnt my fault!Yeah, Crash said. Buster was the one who gone talked us into goin to the past. Junior and I just agreed cuz it dun sounded like fun.Future Sandy glared at Buster. Is that true?Buster just shifted his brown eyes in one direction, looking guilty and not saying anything.Then Future Sandy looked angrily at Twitchy. And how long have YOU known about this?I just figured it out, I mean Twitchy answered nervously. I just figured out they came back.SpongeBob watched the whole conversation. HmmI wonder why Sandys so ...

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