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... at the school so we have stay overnight.Well, what do you need me for? Im off the team, remember? Irma said, a little to forceful.We need you around, because without you, our powers are weakened. Will stated simply. Look, just listen. Hay-lin will take the gym, Tarnee the classrooms, me the upstairs classrooms, Cornelia football field. You and Caleb will take the cafeteria. Caleb's going only because he will be your protection.Caleb? My protecter? As much as I would love that, I can take care of myself. Irma thought, sarcasm still evident even in her mind.The bell rung, making Irma sigh with relief. Saved by the bell. For the rest of the day, Irma spent a good time ducking her friends and Martin. Lucky for her, this sweater had a hood that could cover her face if she pulled it down. When school was over, a few of the popular kids walked up to her and asked her to join them on a trip to the fair! They mustve not recognized her, the loud-mouthed brunette who always cracked a joke or two about them."Uh...""Come on Irma, it'll be fun." Some blonde boy said to her, smiling his head off.Maybe they did recognize her. Some girl was talking to her, but it hadn't caught her attention. She seemed to be the leader of this group, because everyone was nodding and smiling in agreement. Irma recognized he to be the girl that always had a boy alongside her, and aced all her classes. The most popular girl in Heatherfield, Irma added with disdain. What does she ...

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