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...ion.BendyIvan ran off stage crying, while the trouble maker came up.Time to cause some pranks!Sit down in the chair Bendy or I shall shoot you.Who was that, I aint getting shot!He sat down.Know your stars, know your stars, know your stars.Uh.Bendy, causes pranks around fosters and gets everyone else in trouble.Just then Mr. Herriman and Franky stood up in the audience. No he is not, all the other friends are just trying to blame him, and your making him feel worse!He wrote Mr. Herriman bites ass on the walls!No he did not, that was master Blooregard!Bloo gets up and hits Frankie and Herriman with a giant hammer saying No we did not, were sick and tired of getting all Bendys heat you stupid bitch and dumb ass rabit! After they were knocked out, he sat back down.O-kay.Bendy, he was part of a child molestation ring.Only once!People gasped.I mean-NO I DIDNT EVER!Bendy, he was molested by his kid.How did you- uh, NO I WASNT!Bendy, can do the spin dash.Uh I think you have me confused with Sonic.Bendy, he- hey whered he go?Bendy from behind and sprayed (with spray paint) Bloo is a di-Okay that goes to far, time for some insults!Try me!Bendy, hes a di-Okay enough with that. Yelled Bloo.Bendy, hes a dumbass.Stop that!Bendy, he made love to cheese..You!Bendy, is about to be hit by Bendy haters.What the- the...

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