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... knowing that even I didnt truly know the answer to that question, I said, Oh, Maggie, I thought we came here to talk about Eldridge, not my pathetic life.As her brilliant, emerald eyes filled with apology, she said, Im sorry, Waylon. I was only wondering. Thats all. I mean, Im just confused! I thought that Mr. Burns had offered himself to you years ago when we were still married, and well, you made your choice, clarified Maggie.I shook my head. No, it wasnt quite like that. I dont know what it was like.Another silence prevailed until Maggie bluntly proclaimed, Eldridge is your son, Waylon, but I dont expect anything from you. I never did, thats why I chose not to tell you. I didnt want your pity or your money or anything else. I just wanted to move on and raise my son without you and Mr. Burns and this whole ugly thing that was between us. I hope you understand.So it is official. You have a son and you never knew him at all. Maggie, how could you not tell me?! Hes my son. I had more than a right to know!Im sorry, I just thought it would be best for everyone she trailed off.I shook my head in anger and disbelief. Its not best for everyone. Eldridge needs a father and believe it or not, I would have been a great one to him.Maggie scoffed and said irately, Sure you would have. You would have been just a great role model with your assassinations and your illegal affairs and your working for the evilest man in town. Thats exactly how I wanted Eldridge to grow up, a...
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