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...uddenly said. Fixit, Jenny, and Brad turned to see a battered-looking green robot pointing a gun at Fixit. "And I f you don't drop her, you'll be dead too.""Who the heck are you?" Fixit, Jenny, and Brad said together."The name's Dax," the green robot smirked. "Or if you wanna complete name, A-D-A-X which stands for Advanced Defender Android eXperimental. And before you ask what I'm doing here, let me just answer that for you. Wakeman sent me here to get her and that guy over there, and if you don't hand them over, Bug-butt, I'll strew your circuits all over this room. Comprende?""Another one of Wakeman's creations, interesting." Fixit said. Suddenly he turned and pointed the assimilation chip mechanism at ADAX. The chip launched and landed right on ADAX's forehead. Fixit smiled. "Too easy."But to Fixit's surprise, the green robot did not take on the blank look that robots took on when the chip was applied to them. In fact, ADAX seemed to be in pain. He dropped his weapon and yanked out the control chip. "You know how much it hurts when you try to override my programming?!!!"ADAX flung the control chip with all his might right at the mantis robot. The chip slammed onto the Chief Engineer's face and tore into it like a bullet. Fixit fell to the floor, unmoving. But ADAX wasn't done. He picked up his weapon and started firing at the body of the mantis drone, yelling angry taunts. As he fired, Jenny picked up a roach drone arm that was deployed into a laser cannon. She grabbed...
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