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...rple energy burst outward and destroyed the disintegration chamber. The mantis engineering drones that maintained the chamber were torn apart as the chamber itself was turned into molten shrapnel by the fierce explosion. The drones that were lucky enough, or rather unlucky enough, to survive the blast ended up screaming in mortal agony as the heat emanating from the High Commander melted them out of existence.Viruz merely smiled when he saw the mantis drones melt, imagining the same thing happening to XJ-9. He let out another deranged cackle before he strode quickly out of room. He would find XJ-9 and he would make sure that he had held face-to-face when he turned her into a pool of molten metal.Outside Grand Marshal Yomex's Command ShipDr. Wakeman watched helplessly as the two ant drones circled her ship like vultures around. Even from the distance she could see the smiles on the ant drones' faces as they leisurely fired away at the Stealth Wasp. The power of the drones' weapons fire was nowhere near the power of the energy hurled at the Stealth Wasp by the alien armada it had come across earlier, but that very same encounter had ended up severely weakening the craft's shields. It fact, it was so weak that e...
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