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...ad just in case these things happened. In the living room, Helia placed a pillow on the armrest of the coach, and Timmy rested Tecna down gently, she didnt move. Outside, it had started to brutally rain, it was a thunder storm, and Flora was dearly grateful the boys had found this fairy before the rain started. Timmy, Helia and Sky, along with Flora, huddled around Tecna, and Flora felt her head gently with the back of her hand.Shes burning up. Flora replied softly, then placed a cold cloth on Tecnas forehead.So, what should we do? Timmy asked.Ill make her some of my organic vegetable soup, I know the recipe and it hasnt failed me yet. In the meantime, that scratch needs to be bandaged. Flora answered as she wrapped a bandage over Tecnas leg that had got caught under the digital log. Then she went to make her famous soup. Timmy tucked Tecna in the warmest blanket Helia could find, and she instantly stopped shivering. In some way, she knew she was being helped.Later, Flora had started the digital fireplace, and had a bowl of her vegetable soup on the end table for when Tecna would wake up. Brandon, Riven and Nabu had gone to bed, but Sky, Timmy and Helia stayed up to help Flora tend to the sick fairy. Thunder crashed and lightening flashed outside, and it was dar...

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