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... the children, they seemed to like him, Yet how much I smiled, I believed that he could see right trough me and that he saw what I felt about this whole trip. Trying to avoid his eyes I turned to my reflection on the window. My eyes with a blue violet ring under stared back at me, suddenly I felt a jolt of pain. It was the scar on my chest that always had to peek up from my sweater or top, soon my other scars followed burning. You ok? Bruce asked, I turned to face him Its just my old scars that burns. I smiled, he didnt smile back.-It didnt take long before we reached Wayne manor, its dark walls reflected the lightning. Kari, maybe we should make a video featuring our stay at here? she smiled showing her teeth. Maybe thats a good idea. Jeanette said smiling at her children hushing them out of the limousine.-Inside of the manor there were long corridors with paintings and artworks on pedestals, I must say I was impressed of what I saw he even had a real Munch.-Alfreds pov- Mamma, sj• han har eit m•leri av Munch! M•lfrid said out loud, of the little Norwegian I knew I guessed that it meant: Mommy, look hes got a painting by Munch. I had to smile, the children were so adorable, and on the other hand they could incredibly intelligent when they were on their rampages. Alfred, its quite an impressive collection Bruce has, my children seems...

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