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... the park and all. When you would actually spend time with me!Ingrid and Fillmore look slightly uncomfortable. They give each other a look and both got up to leave the interrogation room. This was a discussion in which neither of them needed to be involved in. The Levines did not notice them make their exit; their discussion was too intense.X.x.X.x.X.xPhew. Was it uncomfortable in there or what? Fillmore exclaimed as soon as the door shut. I didnt know Donny had family issues. I hope it turns out for the best.Ingrid replied, Yeah. I kinda feel sorry for him. Hed have to be feeling a lot of things emotionally to have come up with a plan like that. Just to get his dads attention, too!Yup. Lets go hear what happens next with Vallejo. I dont think itd be wise to step back into the IR just yet, Fillmore said.Ingrid agreed and just as they opened the door, the school psychologist walked out and headed towards the interrogation room.A miracle. Simply a miracle. Now I can go in there without becoming emotionally unstable for a week, the psychologist smiled.Uh, Fillmore. Why does our school psychologist talk to himself? Ingrid asked earnestly.I honestly dont know, Ingrid, Fillmore said shaking his head, trying to suppress a laugh.They entered...

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