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... "What the heck that's never happened before," commented Ash. Misty asked, "What's wrong?" "I have no idea" replied Ash, "but a Pokemon Center would probably know. So, I guess we'll just have to leave them loose till we get there." So Ash and Misty rested by the river for awhile. Ash with his head in his hands is starting to worry about the problem with the lack of food and supplies now along with his pokeball problems. He is starting to feel like he can't take it much longer. Ash starts to wonder aloud, "What should I do?" "What should I do?" over and over again. Graviler, hoping that Ash will get off him soon because he is getting tired of Ash sitting on his body says "Graviler," because that is the only word he can say. "Graviler, Graviler, Graviler," he continues. Ash then lifts up his head and takes a look at Misty sleeping in the bright glistening sunlight. He notices how beautiful she is for the first time and suddenly feels very attracted to her. He starts to think, "I know what will get rid of my boredom and take my mind off these problems." "I will Graviler," says Ash with a lustful grin and a look of desire. "Thanks Graviler for the good advice," says Ash as he pats his Pokemon on the head. "Graviler, Graviler, Graviler," continues Graviler. As Ash gets up off Graviler and heads toward Misty he notices that his penis is startin...

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