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...One day Ash, Dawn, and Brock was walking in the forest and team rocket came with a big robot. Ash use Pikachu thunder but it did nothing. Dawn use Piplup hydro pump but it did nothing too so Ash, Dawn, and Brock use all there pokemon but it also did nothing. Then a pokemon came and slash the robot and it blew up Ash, Dawn, and Brock got caught the the explosion. Dawn land in the east side of the forest and Ash, Brock and all their pokemon land in the north side of the forest. Then Dawn starts walking and saw the pokemon that safe them standing in the tree. Then it jump down to Dawn it was a Lucario Dawn want to catch it but she do not have her pokemon. So she got naked and let the Lucario fuck her but he just stand there so she give him a blowjob. He cum and now Dawn put his penis into her ass now Lucario is enjoying it he cum in her ass. Now Lucario put his penis vagina he cum in 15 min now that Lucario had enjoy fucking Dawn so he let her catch him 30 min later Dawn found Ash, brock, and her pokemon. Dawn show them her new pokemon and ask Ash to battle. TO BE CONTINU...

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