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... they go, they knew they were too loud. Someone cheered as they neared the door, and they repayed the deal by flipping their skirts up a moment, revealing their bare, gorgeous asses. They hit the Pokemon center for supplies and some breakfast before reaching the end of their shared path. To the north lay Route 204 and Floarama Town, which would further lead to Eterna City. To the east was Route 203 and Oreburgh city. They shared an amicable goodbye, about to kiss when a man interrupted them. "Excuse me, but are you two trainers?" They pulled apart, looking to see a man of about thirty standing before them, holding an unmarked plastic bag. "Yeah, why?" Dawn asked. "Well, I'm an entrepreneur, a gadget maker. I've developed a new thing called a Poketch," he pulled one out of a bag to reveal a sleek, black digital watch with a lot of buttons and a wider display, probably to fit several gadgets. "And I'm holding a promotion and giving them for free to beginner trainers. It has a touch-screen interface, several useful programs for trainers, and the capability for new applications to be installed. Are you interested?" "Yeah," the two said, approaching. He took the one he pulled from his bag and handed it to Tina. He stuck his hand in for a second, but couldn't find one. Curling his brow, he looked in the bag to confirm. "I'm sorry, I think I've run out of the models I was giving away for free. I'm...

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