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...own to the ground turning back into himself.Beast Boy! Are you alright!? Starfire yells out.Urgh... ya! he says getting back up rubbing his head. In the shadows, he sees a small person. Out of no where, a skateboard appears in the persons hand, then skates away, HEY!What!? Starfire yells out again. Beast Boy shot up chasing after that person.Starfire: 00? Starfire flew off after Beast Boy.HEY! Beast Boy yells again towards the small person, after turning a few alleyways, lightning flashes as Beast Boy trips on a puddle. Beast Boy moans as he tries pulling himself up.Stop following me. Beast Boy looks up seeing Sammy in her new outfit.Sammy!! Beast Boy yells standing straight up. Instead of an angry face, it was this face: , Sheesh, you got me wor-Shut up Beast Boy! Sammy yells, Beast Boy looks at Sammy confused. Blink blinkDid you just call me Beast Boy?Duh, its yer codename, right?Sammy, you gotta come back to titans tower.Your names Sammy? lighting flashes, then Killer appears, Thats such a childs name. Sammy blushes.See what you just did!?!? Now Killers gonna tell everyone my name!Actually, I wasnt, now I am! Beast Boy glares angrily at Killer.You better not punk! Beast Boy yells grabbing him by the caller of his shirt.Dammit Beast Boy! Let go of him! Beast Boy looks over at Sammy; he throws Killer to the ground.Dont say words li...

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