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...ut I always wish they where you. Tucker was still looking at his feet.I Valerie was cut off by Tuckers words.Dont apologize, its not your fault you dont have the same feelings for me. Its obvious you love Danny. Tucker smiled at her, his emotions of sadness and heart break clear as day.Tucker, you really are a great friend. Im sorry it had to be like this. Valerie was about to kiss him again on the cheek, but instead brushed her lips gently on his, and walked away.Bye Tucker. She said as she walked into the sunlight, tears in the corners of her eyes. She quietly wiped them away.Next I need to go see Star. Valerie said as she walked to Stars house. When she got there she saw Star and Kwan cuddling and holding hands through the window, both of their eyes red from crying. Valerie didnt want to interrupt them, so she said a silent goodbye. Valerie was about to go to say goodbye to Paulina, but decided not to.Last is Danny. Valerie took in a big sigh and walked to Fenton Works, nervous as could be. She went up to the door and rang the bell, hoping Danny would answer. Sadly he didnt, but it wasnt his parents either. Jazz, Dannys sister, answered.Well hello Valerie, havent seen you in a while. Jazz smiled at Valerie then turned to the inside of t...
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