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...Lets see how good your footwork is." He began to fight against Sheldon with a vertical slash.Back where Tuck and Brad were, Brad was having a hard time shooting back at Tiff. She had a shotgun, and he wasn't ready to pepper her with his machine gun/grenade launcher weapon. Tuck ran out of clips on his magnum, and he switches for his machine gun, but Britt too took out her own machine gun. Tuck thought "Crud, now what? She has me cornered."Jenny was recovering a bit, from the last few attacks from Mordecai. Sheldon was sword fighting against Mordecai. Mordecai dodges and parry all of Sheldon's attacks. He was panting, because he was having a harder time avoiding and attacking him. Mordecai pushes Sheldon hard, and with one swish, Sheldon's armor was cut off. Mordecai was about to give another attack, when Jenny jumps in and knocks his sword off; she was pummeling him, but Mordecai recovers after few punches and flips her over.Back where building, they were wondering how they will make up the time that is necessary to stop both Britt and Tiff. Brad thought "This is ridiculous; I mean I can't get a shot, but I have to do something. I hope Tuck is having a good chance on stopping Britt." Tuck was dodging more bullets, and he began to retaliate with his own shots, but Britt is dodging them easily.Jenny then was tirin...
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