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...lses of pale blue plasma streaked in from off-screen.P The radar dishes were obliterated, disappearing into roiling pillars of flame and smoke.P Then a streak flashed across the screen, a figure riding a pair of pale-blue exhaust trails.P It stopped in the middle of the complex, eerily backlit from the light of the explosions.P It was a teenage robot, with her arm converted into a plasma cannon and an evil grin on her face.P She began firing the cannon in random directions, adding new explosions to the destruction.She let out a spine-chilling laugh, tossing her pigtails back as she punched her fist into the air.P Run!P Run as fast as you can, pathetic meat creatures!P You cant escape us!P Robots are the future!Drew and Brad exchanged an uncomfortable glance as they watched the video on GNN; there were a few minutes left until fourth period History started, and they were eager to hear of any news concerning their friend.P Besides Brad, there were a few other students leaning over Drews shoulder, watching the flat television screen that he had grown out of his left forearm.P The general mood was one of disbelief.P It was hard to believe that one of the greatest criminals of modern times had been sitting at a desk in th...

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