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...ened by the heat he was giving out, caved in causing the glowing robot to fall and melt right through several levels. ADAX ran to the hole and fired a few wild shots into it, yelling in a feral manner as he did."That won't stop him for long." Brad said, the voice of experience."Yeah, well it'll slow 'im down." ADAX smirked. He then gestured to an open pipe inside the hole he had blasted on the roof. "Now come on, let's go."Jenny nodded and tried to jump, forgetting for a moment that her enhanced systems were still disabled. As a result, she almost fell into the hole Viruz had melted into the floor, dropping the roach drone laser she was holding. ADAX managed to catch her by activating the magnets in his feet and magnetizing Jenny with his left foot. He brought his foot up and swung Jenny around and plopped her beside him."Uh, thanks." Jenny muttered."You're supposed to be my replacement?" the green robot said incredulously. "Jeez, your as weak as a human!""Hey!" Brad shouted."That's because I was hit with some kind of disabling charge by that mantis guy you took down." Jenny said. "Oh man, how am I supposed to get up there now?"ADAX seemed to mull it over for a moment. Then, he grinned and got down to one knee, splaying his good arm forward. "Get a running start, I'll give you a boost."Jenny was confused for a second, but then she nodded as she figured out what ADAX was planning. She walked back a few m...
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