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...d with her hardlittle nipples, giggling happily to herself. She was having a lot of fun.As she continued to probe her depths, Foxglove cuddled her fuzzy bosom in herother wing. She ran her wingtip down through her cleavage. She watched Gadgetand fondled her nipples too. "Can I touch you, Gadget?""Sure! I'd like that a lot!" Gadget brought their chairs closer. She leanedcloser and gave Foxglove a soft kiss on her cheek. "How do you like this lessonso far?""It's great, Gadget! And you're the best teacher I could ever have!" The girlsgiggled together. Gadget held up her breasts for Foxy to feel. She cooed softlyas Foxglove 's wingtips brushed across her fur. Foxy gasped in happiness."They're so soft!" The little bat rubbed her friend's bosom harder, loving thefeel of the furry titties in her grip. "Would you like to touch me?""Of course!" Gadget reached under the bat's wings and began to fondle herbreasts as well. Foxy burst into laughter at how nice it felt to have Gadgetsqueeze them. The mouse tweaked Foxy's nipples and pinched them lightly betweenher fingers. Foxglove laughed even harder and stroked herself faster. With herother wing, she reached lower to touch Gadget's cunny. Her wingtip slid...

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