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.... They were spectacular.As we watched, I saw, out of the corner of my eye, a girl walk past me.She was older than me, about Candaces age, maybe a tad older. She wore all black clothes and had long, brown hair.She was holding the hand of a boy her age, which made my heart slightly ache.Ive had a crush on this girl, ever since the day our friend Isabella got her tonsillectomy, and I dont even know her first name. Her last name is Doofenshmirtz, and thats all I knew. But just recently, I had a reality check, and knew it wouldnt work, so Ive felt a little sad insideI sighed quietly to myself.Whats wrong, Ferb?I turned and Gretchen had turned to me, her blue eyes showing concern.Oh, well, Im just feeling a little down right now I told her.Why? Whats wrong? she asked me.A red firework lit up the side of her face. I paused, then answered her.Well, uhh I used to like this one girl, but, uh I then realized it wouldnt work, I said to her.Gretchen frowned.Im sure other people go through similar stuff, she told me.I nodded.Youre right, I replied.She placed her hand on mine, and smiled reassuringly.Just try not to think about it. Im sure youll find the girl for you.I smiled, and nodded again.Thanks.She removed her h...

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