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...n it to take a break for once. Mimi was laying down and reading a book when a shadow loomed over her. She put the book down and saw it was her best friend, Tai. "Oh, hi Tai" "Hello mimi, can you do me a favor please?" Tai usually wasn't this polite so the pink-haired girl knew it was important. "Sure, what is it?" " can I put this...Agumon has been a bit frustrated lately." "Frustrated? About what?" put it bluntly, he's sexually frustrated. Since we need to save the digital world, he's had no time to mate. And, frankly put, I need you to have sex with him so he's good to go again." Mimi couldn't believe what she was hearing. Sex with a digimon? Do they even have dicks? If so, then how long is it normally? She cleared her head and came up with a, in her mind, logical way to go through with this. All she had to do was do it once. Nobody would find out nor even think it possible. Not only would she help the team, but her friend too. Plus, she always wondered how digimon got eggs... "All right. I'm cool with it." "Really? THANK YOU! Meet agumon at this location here." Tai then handed Mimi a map that showed the nearby area. It had a marker for the campsite and a marker for the location she'd meet agumon. Later that day... Mimi couldn't believe what was about to happen. She'd have sex...with a digimon. She nearly got wet right there when she thought about. She was on her ...

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