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...e are running out of their basic services!Walter Smits quailed under Helens intense questioning. The short portly mayor perspired freely under the bright camera lights.Mrs. Morgendorffer, you have to, ah, understand, the sheer, uh, magnitude of this storm!Thats why most city governments have emergency plans, Mr. Smits! What about my daughter Quinn, and her friends, Stacy, Tiffany, and Sandi? There has been no word from any of them at all! Four young women in the prime of their life!Smits gulped.Really, Mrs. Morgendorffer, the police are doing everything they can!Im sure they are! Helen said. Nobody missed the emphasis she placed on they.But why are there so few of them?Well, ah, retirements, ah, and budget cuts, you see?What I see is a very few men and women trying to do the impossible! How can they protect this city if you dont find qualified replacements?Well, ah, you know?What I know, Mr. Smits, is that of this cities three snow plows, only one is working right now, because the other two have been stripped for parts! This is indeed an extraordinary storm, I will agree with you on that! But what have you used the money you saved with all these budget cuts for?Smits could see the news crews leaning forward, almost wetting their lips. He saw himself as roadkill, with buzzards closing in.Because of your lack of preparedness, our little girls might be buried alive, who knows where! We demand action, Mr. Smits!Ah, Ive, ah tal...
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