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...spoke leading up to the exchange of vows and rings between Brian and Erin. The whole process bored her nearly to tears, actually. She reached up and began idly picking at earwax with her pinky."Yes, love, like a tiny rivulet which begins in a high mountain, and only after twisting and turning for thousands of miles, overcoming uncountable obstacles, must eventually meet, and merge, with that great ocean of love which is its birthright and its destiny."Daria looked behind her at the front row, where her family sat -- Rita, Rita's boyfriend, Helen (shooing Daria to face forward), Jake (mining for gold himself), and Amy...who stuck out her tongue at Daria.Daria took her hand away from her ear and giggled.The other bridesmaids (sans Quinn) looked in her direction and scowled, then their faces turned to shock."It was her," Daria excused herself, pointing to Quinn. Other people began to turn toward her, though, including Brian, Erin, and the priest."Oh my Lord!" the priest exclaimed."What?" Daria asked. She suddenly realized it was a bit drafty. "Quinn, did it just get a little colder out here?" she stage-whispered to her sister.Quinn, who had been staring raptly at Brian and Erin, turned, and shrieked. "Daria! Your dress!"Daria almost made a crack about how Quinn had seen the horrible thing earlier, when she looked down.Apparently the motion of giggling and moving her hand back down had caused the shoddily-tailored dress to finally surrender and collapse, leaving Daria i...
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