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...awled body with an armful of sensors and equipment.PMMmmp, hhumphemph, mumphmumph!!P Jenny pleaded, but the sticky goo had spread over her entire mouth, causing anything she said came out as a muffled jumble of syllables.Dr. Wakeman sighed.P Oh, XJ-9, if only I had programmed a little more responsibility into youJenny sat up and scowled at her mother.P HMP!P mm muphump! mumphUPmMHuphPumpm!, she protested,P gesticulating wildly with her arms.P Dr. Wakeman only shook her head slowly.P Jenny *hurUMPHed!* and began to pout again, arms crossed in front of chest.Her mom put the things she was carrying down on the table, and then walked over to a shelf, where she selected an old-fashioned de-atomizer.P She brought it over to where Jenny was seated and knelt down.P Jenny stubbornly turned her face away, despite the fact that the goop had nearly enveloped the better part of her head and one pigtail.Do simmer down, XJ-9.Dr. Wakeman took the de-atomizer and spritzed her daughters face with a murky brown liquid.P The jelly turned the color of grape Kool-Aid, dissolving into a thin, watery texture that dribbled down Jennys front, eventually collecting in puddles around where she sat.Now, get cleaned up while I set up the equipment, and then Ill run the diagnostic.Still sulking, Jenny opened her chest cover, and a roll of paper towels popped out on a dispenser.P She ripped ...
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