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...ries. Tears pour out of her eyeballs and she wails."Aw, Jenny. It's alright," Tucker says.Mrs. Wakeman walks up to Jenny."I am sorry. You cannot be a real girl. You are a robot," she says.Jenny sits on the sidewalks and crosses her arms and pouts."It's not fair. You never let me do anything. WAH!" Jenny howls.Sheldon walks up to Jenny."It's all right Jenny. Look, I made you a nose. And an ear. And even a cool fanny pack that will make your robotic butt look bigger!" Sheldon says as he hands Jenny the metal robotic objects."Thanks Sheldon," Jenny says. She puts the things on.The Krust cousins walk up to Jenny. "HA HA HA. You look stupid. HA HA," they say.Jenny takes things off and cries."Sorry Jenny. Hey, do you want to go out with me and be my girlfriend? That's really the only reason I made this junk for you," Sheldon says."No, I like smooth guys," Jenny says.Sheldon leaves and comes back in a silver robotic suit. "I'm smooth now!" Sheldon says."No, I like sweet guys," Jenny says.Sheldon leaves, takes off silver suit, and comes back."Look, I'm sweet again!" Sheldon puffs, for he is tired because he has done so much changing."No, I like smooth guys," Jenny says."Oh forget it," Sheldon says as he walks away.Don Prima walks by."Oooo Don, you're so hot!" Jenny exclaims."Sorry Jenny, I care too much about my Italian loafers to date anybody," Don says as he leaves.A strange Egyptian cat lady flies in from the sky. "Join the cluster!" the cat lady screams to Jenny."No," Jen...
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