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...need! I-" Korra can feel herself falling into a panicked ramble, until Mako cuts her off. "I know you didn't mean to do it." He says tightly – his voice is so controlled, as though he might snap at any moment. "But you still did it. So, let's not talk about this anymore, okay?" Korra can feel the frown etching it's way onto her face. She doesn't like this answer – doesn't like the uncertainty. Had she just lost the only two friends that she had other than Naga? A sort of nervous panic buzzes inside of her, turning her insides into knots as the anxiousness begins to rack her body. What if they left her? She didn't know what she would do if they decided that it would be better to have another waterbender in their pro-bending team, one that wasn't reckless or impulsive. One who didn't shoot fire in anger without thinking. She digs her fingers into the bed sheets, anxiously tensing and flexing her fingers. When had she started to care so much? Korra isn't sure how Mako and Bolin managed to worm their ways into her heart, but it's clear to her now that they're buried deep and no matter how selfish it is she can't lose them. Looking back at Mako, she realizes that it somehow always comes back to him. With Bolin, the friendship came so easy, it came as naturally t...

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