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...Do you remember your first night at my place? Will smiled. It didnt end well, but I remember how you liked the wine, and I remember your lipstick, he pointed at the glass, and Lindsey was shocked to see her own lip print. I couldnt wash it, Lindsey; I was afraid I would lose you if I did, he continued, watching her try not to tear up as she realized that he had, indeed, saved her wine glass, complete with her lipstick imprint, for all these months.She realized, however, that the ribbon did not end at the glass but was tied in a bow. The end of the bow burrowed itself in more peanuts.She continued to pull, and Will continued to smile. He looked up and caught Annes eye.He winked, and Anne put her hand over her mouth, hiding her huge smile from Lindsey.That evil, evil man, she giggled inside. He deserves just what hes going to get when she finds it.Lindsey kept pulling, and pulling, and pullingthe ribbon seemed to go on forever, wrapping around the edges of the box, until she pulled once and the end of the ribbon emerged from the packing peanutssecurely taped to a small plastic bagand said bag contained a ring.--Lindsey screamed.Will grabbed the bag and removed the ring before Lindsey could wave the ribbon around in the air, any more. He then deftly removed the ring from the bag and knelt in front of a still-screaming Lindsey.Lins, he ...
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