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...ozenrath is too weak to put up a real fight at the moment. It'll give us the time to figure out how to solve this problem without committing murder."The sultan stared at Aladdin with a shrewd sharpness that he only displayed in times of emergency. "I must reemphasize that the man in question is a criminal who would have been executed long ago if he had been apprehended and put on trial. But each time we have shown him mercy and let him free, and look what that has cost us. He almost killed you, my boy." The old man's voice was lined with concern as well as stern disapproval."Which means we shouldn't sink down to Mozenrath's level, father," Jasmine said gently. The sultan's eyes softened minutely as he glanced at his daughter, and Aladdin knew he would soon relent. He looked back at Aladdin kindly."It would not be counted against you, Aladdin. You would be enacting justice on behalf of the kingdom if you drank the elixir," the sultan persisted, but his voice held less conviction than before."I'm sorry, Your Highness. I won't do it. I promise that we'll keep things under control, and Mozenrath will not bring any harm upon you or anyone else," Aladdin said, looking around at his friends for agreement. All of them ...

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