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... and his name is Amanda.Francine: You mean youve got a new colleague at the work?Stan: Oh, shes more than a colleague, Francine. She is... how to put this? She is simply the most beautiful creature I ever saw!(Francine frowns at him)Stan: I mean... after you, sweetheart. Youre the most beautiful creature I ever saw, and shes right behind you.Francine: Stan, I dont like the idea of you spending days at work with some strange hussy.Stan: Youre overreacting, Francine.Francine: Dont you get it, Stan? Im afraid that she might seduce you, and you might... oh, I hate even to speak it out... (whispers) cheat on me.Stan: Thats ridiculous, honey! No woman will ever stand between you and me! Dont even think about something like that!Francine: So I can be completely sure?Stan: Of course, silly! Now gimme some sugar.(They kiss in the lips.)Stan: Wow... thats some sweet lips youve got there, Aman... err, Francine.(Francine frowns again.)(Hayleys room. Hayley and Roger are cleaning the mess.)Hayley: Thanks for helping me, Roger. This room really needs cleaning.Roger: You know, Hayley, Id really like to say it was my pleasure, but... it wasnt.Hayley: Hey, a little housework will do well to you. (takes a glass of water from the table) Boy, am I thirsty. (drinks)Roger: Hayley, no! Dont drink that!Hayley: Why not?Roger: Because I was drinking from that glass, and... (Hayley drinks all the water) Oh, my.Hayley: Whats wrong with you? So what if you...
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